Introducing Protected Paws

“Leaving Paw Print on your Hearts”

J69 is an eminent group of companies that currently focuses on technology to leverage the space of Non-Fungible Tokens. All the NFTs featured as a J69 project will have a personal touch with social responsibility and social cause. Get ready for the series of amazing NFT launches that are in our pipelines!.

Protected Paws, the first-of-the-kind NFT project under J69, is a splendid idea of a 13-year-old (7th-grade) kid who has immense love for Dogs. At the same time, he is a tech-savvy kid who has a passion for being updated with cutting-edge technology, and that’s how he ended up with Non-Fungible Tokens. He amalgamates both his love to frame Protected Paws and has created the masterpieces of rescued dogs using“Peanut Butter Technique.”

A total of 75 paintings were created, and they are algorithmically layered to form 6999 NFTs to make the lives of stray dogs better. Our primary objective is to create a community that actively takes part in spreading awareness about the urgent need to adopt dogs instead of buying them.

Exclusiveness of Protected Paws

Virtual Art Gallery

Take a tour of our Virtual Art Gallery, which portrays all the masterpieces of our pawbuddies. Eleven rooms for eleven paw buddies.

Genuine Value

As a community-focused platform, it increases the value of NFT over time and addsreal value to the holders.

Philanthropic Nature

A part of the proceeds collected from the sales of Protected Paws NFTs will bedonated to local NGOs, particularly Samarpan Foundation, where our rescuedPawcassos reside.

OpenSea Lisiting

All the 6999 NFTs are listed on OpenSea and are readily available to mint. Being aPolygon-based platform, it reduces the gas fee comparatively.

Perks of Owning our NFTs

“We can't help everyone but everyone can help someone”

Passive Income from Web Series

Revenue from Online Seminars

Access to Dog Shows

Physical NFT

Community Votes

Exciting Rewards

Profits & Returns

A part of the revenue generated from the following events/shows will be shared withholders of Protected Paws NFTs. It is up to the holders either to keep up the profits orto donate them.

Development of J69 Platform (Road Map)

Our Team

Ujjwal Suhas N

Project Idea - Protected Paws

Happy and Joy

Project Inspiration - Protected Paws

Shiv Shankar

CEO and Co-founder J69 Group

Asha Rani

CEO and Co-founder J69 Group

Dhyan Vishnu Prajwal N

COO J69 Group

Rohit Reddy

Business Strategy J69 Group

Rounds of Sale of Tokens


Total Number of Protected paws collectibles :

Cost per collection :

Lucky winner stand a chance to win Physical assets of the same collection as well. This will be shipped to holders address directly.

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